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Teletherapy, or therapy over online video chat, can be an effective treatment for anxiety. Just as in-person counseling sessions help patients, teletherapy can also be beneficial for patients who suffer with anxiety. It can also be useful for patients with social anxiety or generalized anxiety, as they may feel more comfortable staying home for their session.

Counseling for Children

One of the most common uses of teletherapy is for children. Many parents feel more comfortable having their child be at home for therapy sessions, as it is more of a controlled and private environment, or it is easier on the parent’s schedule. Teletherapy can be a great tool for counseling sessions with children.

Sick Patients

It is very common for people to come down with a cold, the flu, or another illness. This can lead to cancelled appointments or going out while potentially contagious. Going to counseling sessions on a regular basis is very important, so teletherapy can be used as a safe and healthy substitute.


A very common symptom of depression is the unwillingness or inability to get out of the house each day. Understandably, this can make it difficult for those experiencing this symptom to receive treatment from a licensed counselor. Teletherapy can be a fantastic solution for those who would like to receive treatment, but who also would rather stay at home.

Relationship Counseling

For couples who want to get guidance from a relationship counselor, teletherapy can be a great tool. Sometimes, fitting in a counseling session between two adults’ schedules can be very difficult. Teletherapy can help the couple find the time to seek help for their relationship without having to take off work or rush through lunch hour.

Similar Conditions as In-Person Counseling

Most of the treatment methods used in in-person counseling can be used during teletherapy. Very rarely will we require a patient to attend in-person counseling sessions. Typically, we recommend in-person sessions for safety concerns or for treatment requiring in-person sessions. If you are unsure if you will benefit from teletherapy sessions, please feel free to contact us.


In some cases, people are not able to meet with a licensed counselor in person. This could be due to distance, a busy schedule, a physical disability, or a mental illness such as depression that makes it challenging to leave home. No matter what the circumstance, it can be disheartening to know you are unable to meet with your preferred counselor in person. Luckily, with the improvements in technology over the past two decades, there are options to meet with a counselor digitally.

Teletherapy is a professional counseling service in which a licensed counselor helps their clients, but instead of meeting in person, they meet digitally. This form of therapy can be done over the phone and instant messaging, but it is usually done over video chat. Teletherapy helps enable clients and their counselors to meet, despite any obstacles that may be present. This can create a new motivation for clients, as their counseling sessions do not make them set aside as much time as in-person counseling. For patients with busy schedules, in-person counseling can get in the way of other daily responsibilities like work, kids, and school. Teletherapy can cut down the time dedicated to the session greatly as there is no commute to the counselor’s office, and you can have your session anywhere that is private.

Choosing teletherapy over in-person techniques has been increasingly popular for many reasons. As mentioned, many mental illnesses make it very difficult for people to make it to in-person appointments. Some patients also have physical disabilities that make getting to a weekly counseling session extremely strenuous. Additionally, if the patient does not have a form of transportation or a driver’s license, finding a way to get to therapy can get stressful. As counselors, we completely understand this, which is why we offer teletherapy. We want it to be as easy as possible for our patients to make it to their appointments so they stay motivated and interested in going to our sessions.

Another way teletherapy is useful in the case of a patient or counselor moving to a new city or state. Having to start over with a new counselor can be a long and even stressful progress. Once you and your counselor have established what you are dealing with and are making significant progress, you don’t want to start over because one of you moved away. Teletherapy can reconnect a counselor to their patient so they do not have to start over with a new counselor.

This form of therapy requires the patient to have a device to do video chat on as well as a secure internet connection. Counselors are able to provide the same treatment as they would in a traditional individual counseling session. If the counselor would like to give their patient a tangible object to help with their condition, it can be mailed or picked up before the session. The world becomes more and more technological each day, so it is only fitting for counseling to do the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. Research has shown that in most cases, teletherapy is as effective as in-person therapy. In a teletherapy session, we use the same methods and practices as we would in an in-person session, which is why it is effective.

Absolutely. We will discuss our options for video chatting platforms so we can choose the most secure one available. As with in-person sessions, your counseling sessions will always be confidential and private.

Just like many people do not like other forms of counseling, some people do not prefer teletherapy. Some people will prefer meeting with a counselor in person, which is completely understandable. As mentioned, we want our patients to feel comfortable and happy with their counseling sessions.

Yes, children under the age of 18 can attend teletherapy sessions. A parent or guardian will need to be present at times, and will need to consent to the treatment. Once the guardian has consented to their child speaking with us digitally, we can meet with the child for sessions.

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