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Managing Conflict

Every relationship has its arguments and problems. Many couples find themselves struggling to manage and resolve their conflict in a healthy way. Relationship counseling can help you and your partner learn effective and healthy methods for diffusing arguments so you two can reach peace again.

Trust Issues

Relationship counseling can be very effective for helping couples find trust in each other again. Whether if trust has been broken between the couple, or if trust issues have been obtained from a previous situation, relationship counseling can help. The two partners will be lead through effective methods to help encourage each other to be trusting again.

Intimacy Issues

Having intimacy issues, or having difficulty sharing yourself with your partner, is a common reason couples attend relationship counseling. Feeling fear or discomfort when opening up to your partner can be helped through relationship counseling sessions. Getting to the root of where the fear comes from and learning ways to open up healthily is very beneficial for many clients.


Relationships are made up of two imperfect people, so mistakes will be made–big or small. Some mistakes require more healing to take place than others, which can be very difficult to achieve. Relationship counseling can be a great way to get on track to healing after experiencing hurt and pain in your relationship.


After many years of being together, some people find themselves feeling completely disconnected from their partner. Relationship counseling is very effective for helping couples feel reconnected again through different bonding activities. After a handful of counseling sessions, many couples feel equipped to stay emotionally connected to their partner again.

Relationship Enrichment

You and your partner may not be experiencing difficulty managing conflict or trusting each other, but just want to enrich your relationship. Relationship counseling is very effective for helping couples dive deeper into their relationship and get more satisfaction from it. In this case, you will be given activities and methods to help you and your partner develop a deeper bond.

About Relationship Counseling

Relationship counseling is a form of therapy that is designed to help romantic partners. Each and every long-term relationship will experience turbulence and conflict at some point. No matter how it appears from the outside looking in, no couple is perfect. Sometimes, the couple can resolve and manage their relationship issues on their own, but other times, they may need help figuring it out. This is the most common reason couples decide to start going to relationship counseling.

Relationship counseling, sometimes referred to as couples counseling, was first developed in the late 1920’s, but would not see great success until the 1960’s. For a long time, relationship counseling was not recognized as a form of therapy, but was considered a form of individual therapy concerning romantic relationships. Since then, hundreds of studies and literature have been published supporting the effectiveness and need for relationship counseling.

There are many different reasons couples decide to start going to relationship counseling. It is a common belief that only couples who are dealing with high levels of conflict should attend relationship counseling. This is not true, as any couple, no matter their relationship dynamic can benefit from counseling. Many couples who are engaged or have recently gotten married seek the guidance of a relationship counselor for preventative measures. They learn how to avoid getting in the cycle of ineffective disagreements or heated arguments. Couples who are not experiencing relationship problems can also learn methods to manage their future conflict and make it into a positive situation.

Most of the time, people seek out the help of a licensed counselor to help them manage recurring issues faced in their relationship. According to Dr. John Gottman’s research, 69% of problems in relationships are unresolvable and perpetual. This means each couple will have to learn to manage their problems, rather than trying to resolve them. Knowing that many of your problems are unresolvable may help you understand that your relationship is not “broken” or “doomed”, but that it is normal. A relationship counselor is very beneficial to help guide their clients through effectively managing their unresolvable problems.

One of the most helpful aspects of relationship counseling are the resources that clients receive when attending. These resources could be practices to control emotions, communication techniques, books, charts, and much more. The goal of relationship counseling is to send a couple home feeling equipped to manage their conflict and communicate more effectively. We know we will not be by your side when you experience conflict at home, so we provide helpful resources to help you remember what you learned in our sessions.

While it may seem like your problems will never be fixed, relationship counseling is usually a short-term process. Depending on the situation, couples attend counseling anywhere from a few sessions to a few months. Despite the short time they go, most couples find that attending relationship counseling was exactly what they needed to be successful. This is why we recommend relationship counseling to any couple, no matter what their relationship dynamic is like.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! In fact, the sooner a couple sees a relationship counselor, the more effective the counseling is. Being proactive with bettering your relationship is much better than being reactive years down the road. So, even if you and your partner do not experience high levels of conflict, you can still go to relationship counseling and experience the benefits.

The counseling techniques that will be used will depend on the circumstances and the preferences of the partners. Three of the most effective and popular counseling techniques used amongst all relationship challenges are the Gottman Method, emotionally focused therapy (EFT), and narrative therapy. We may recommend trying different techniques if we feel one will be better for your situation.

Counseling is very effective and beneficial for clients who are wanting to better their relationship. While no two studies have produced the exact same statistics, most agree relationship counseling is between 75 and 98 percent effective.

Most couples, no matter their situation, can benefit from relationship counseling. From couples who are just taking preventative measures to avoid future conflict, to married couples who are considering getting a divorce, most couples can benefit from seeing a licensed counselor.

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The therapy that is designed to help romantic partners. Each and every long-term relationship will experience turbulence and conflict at some point.

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