Office and Location

We’re located in the heart of Crown Heights, Brooklyn.  Here is what you can expect when trusting us with your growth.

Our entrance is neatly tucked into the ground floor entrance of 1398 Carroll St, in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. We have a comfortable waiting room (if you arrive early).

Our meeting rooms are thoughtfully designed to ensure your comfort and safety throughout your session with our professionals.

We understand the profound influence of one’s surroundings on the healing journey. From the moment you enter our welcoming lobby to the instant you settle into our plush seating, know that you are in a space where you are valued, secure, and truly cared for.

To schedule an appointment at Crown Counseling,
please fill out our new patient inquiry form.

Our Offices

“It’s a pleasure to greet you as you embark on your therapeutic journey with Crown Counseling. Our mission is to shed light on and normalize the therapy experience, ensuring you feel understood and informed at every step. Recognizing the bravery in seeking assistance, we’re truly grateful you’ve entrusted us with your journey.”

– Dr. Elka Jacobs-Pinson, Founder of CC