Chaya Feldman

Hi, I’m

Chaya Feldman

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I’m a licensed social worker in NY State who works primarily with children through individual counseling. I work with children of all ages in several different capacities such as school counselor in mainstream schools, clinical therapist in mental health treatment centers, and behavioral therapist in group homes for the developmentally delayed and intellectually challenged.

I graduated Touro GSSW in 2017, and since then specialize in childhood behavioral health which runs the gamut of personality disorders, mood disorders, ADHD, and childhood anxiety with its host of comorbidities i.e. OCD, adjustment disorder, self-esteem issues, and lack of age appropriate social skills.

I am a firm subscriber to Family Systems Theory and will always work collaterally with a child’s family and care givers including parents, guardians, school personnel, service coordinators etc.

I use a varied combination of methodology within the psychotherapy framework, including CBT. I strongly believe in the collaborative, linear relationship between client and practitioner for the successful identification and subsequent implementation of positive changes which promote healthy mental and emotional functioning both during treatment and long afterwards.

Education and Other Trainings:

  • BA in Psychology at Touro College
  • Masters of Social Work at Touro Graduate School of Social Work

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