Lea Zajac-Osdoba

Hi, I’m

Lea Zajac-Osdoba

Mental Health Counselor

Life is a journey. Each person has a mission in their journey, to climb their given mountain. Although each mountain is explicitly designed for that person, the common goal is to reach the highest point of their mountain, which is to grow throughout their life experience and reach their full potential. Some people have few obstacles, and many have complex challenges throughout their voyage. Gaining support when one falls helps one continue their journey and build resilience, becoming even stronger.
My passion for a Mental Health career dates back to the years I lived in Brazil, during which I graduated in 2011 from FMU with a degree as a Clinical Psychologist. These years have given me extensive experience in the Psychodynamic approach. After I moved back to New York, I returned to school (being that I could not practice in New York with my Brazilian degree). I am a proud graduate of the Mental Health Counseling and Wellness Master’s program at NYU.
My years of experience are a tremendous driving force behind my decision to devote myself to improving the mental wellness of individuals and their communities. Working with people from diverse backgrounds has given me a deep understanding and awareness of differences in individuals and cultures. I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Yiddish, and Hebrew fluently.
I look forward to bringing together all my experiences, knowledge, passions, interests, and talents with my theoretical approach to spend a lifetime helping and counseling those struggling through their journey.

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