Simcha Yafeh

Simcha is a licensed social worker from Yeshiva University, specializing in assisting adults with life transitions and parenting. She provides a safe environment for clients to express and process their emotions. Trained in Post-Partum Mental Health and parenting, Simcha utilizes CBT and Solution Oriented Therapy to address core issues.

Hi, I’m

Simcha Yafeh

Licensed Master Social Worker

I am a licensed social worker and am passionate about supporting and helping others through life’s challenges.  I work with adults working through life transitions and parenting.

In session I create a safe space where clients can be opened and allow themselves to feel their emotions.  Through really feeling we can work through the issue at hand.  I received my Masters in Social Work for Yeshiva University.

I have taken training in Post-Partum Mental Health and parenting.  I like to use modalities such as CBT and Solution Oriented Therapy.  My goal is to help you unpack all of the layers and get to the root of the issue.


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